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Nature's Harvest - Turmeric Latte Mix 70g 35 serves

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Turmeric Latte Mix has a unique, warming blend of 7 spices that makes for a delicious, slightly spicy, invigorating cup of sunshine. The ginger and chili bring a vibrant warmth, the turmeric a bit of earthiness, and vanilla some natural sweetness!

Turmeric Latte Mix was formulated with whole body health in mind. Fighting inflammation with the naturally occurring curcumin found in turmeric is great for athletes and overalll recovery from exercise, for joint and muscle pain, for stress, and there is even research being done on turmeric and prevention of degenerative brain disease!

And while turmeric gets the title spot, the 6 other spices found in this mix also host a number of health-promoting abilities! These include healthy digestion, improved circulation, increased metabolism, reducing sugar cravings, and antioxidants!


Ingredients: tumeric (60%), cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, cardamom, chilli, black pepper


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