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Bi-Aglut Macceroncini 500g

Mac and Cheese anyone? These maccheroncini can be served with your favourite pasta sauce. They are also idea for making an authentic oven baked pasta and cheese dish.


Ingredients: Maize starch, potato flour, Lupin Flour, Lupin Proteins, emulsifying agent: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids


Net Weight: 500
Servings per package: 5
Serving size: 100
Energy: 1486kj
Protein: 5.5g
Fat(total): 1.8g
Fat(Saturated): 0.4g
Carbohydrates(total): 78g
Carbohydrates(sugar): 1.8g
Fiber: 1.8g
Sodium: 30mg


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