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No Grainer Paleo Pancakes 300g

Our Paleo Pancakes are so simple to prepare, all you need to do is add liquid. We have sourced only the best ingredients for these pancakes:
Organic green banana flour from far North Queensland that is high in gut friendly resistant starch & potassium, organic superfood powders
lucuma & mesquite to give an extra boost of vitamins & minerals such as zinc, lysine, iron & calcium & organic coconut flour that is rich in fibre & MCT’s.

Naturally sweetened with organic superfoods; lucuma, mesquite and cinnamon. Less than half the carbs of wheat pancakes and grain free!

Ingredients: Natural Evolution organgic green banana flour, organic coconut flour, free range egg white powder, baking powder (grain free), organic mesquite powder, organic lucuma powder, organic cinnamon, organic vanilla powder, himalayan rock salt.

Contain egg and coconut. May contain traces of sesame seeds and tree nuts.


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