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Agogo - Instant Meal - Pumpkin Risotto 80g

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AGOGO - Pumpkin Risotto Instant Meal 80g

Just add water and EAT!

Packed with goodness and none of the extra nasties you can do without. No gluten, no preservatives, no added oil, no added sugar. Homegrown goodness is concentrated into each little pot.

Ingredients: Instant rice (60%), dried parmesan (pasteurised milk, tapioca starch, salt, starter culture, enzyme (non-animal rennet)), dried pumpkin (9%), vegetable stock powder (salt, maize maltodextrin, natural vegetable flavour, yeast extract, dried vegetables (onion, spinach, celery, cabbage), sunflower oil, olive oil, cane sugar, caramelised sugar syrup, parsley), rice flour, dried leek, nutritional yeast, garlic powder, salt.

Allergens: Contains milk. Produced in a facility that handles eggs, soy, sesame seeds, almonds, cashews, pistachios and hazelnuts.


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