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Calmer Chai - Dandi Blend Pouch 300g

Feeling dandy & caffeine-free? How could you not when you have a cup of our Dandi Chai in your hands? Using roasted dandelion and chicory root, this earthy concoction subtly resembles coffee with its warm and nutty flavour profile. Highly recommended for those trying to reduce their caffeine intake. Fun fact, the Australian Tea Masters loved this chai so much, they awarded it a medal in the 2021 Golden Leaf Awards

Dandelion root holds many healing properties and our Dandi Chai is the perfect way to receive the medicine of the dandelion while savouring your daily cup of chai! Also, Dietitian recommended for those entering Motherhood and are looking to minimise caffeine from their diet.

All of our fresh chai blends are handcrafted in Melbourne using premium ingredients. We lovingly make our fresh chai in small batches to maintain its elegance, maximum potency and to ensure the freshest chai possible.

Shelf stable for a total of 2 weeks for dry shipping

*BRONZE medal winner at The Golden Leaf Awards 2021*




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