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Mindful Foods - Mixed Nuts 200G

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Phwoah! These nuts are incredibly light & crunchy, soo easy to digest, and a fantastic addition to any salad or snack sesh.

We’ve soaked them in our home-made Kombucha and little bit of Australian Rock Salt, then slowly dried them below 70 degrees Celcius in our solar powered dehydrators, so as to bring you the most delicious, nutritious, clean food possible!

We, like you, love the earth, so have offered you these nuts in reusable glass jars, that so also lock in the nuts crunchy freshness.


Ingredients: Activated (almonds^, pecans^, cashews^, walnuts^), raw macadamias^, green tea kombucha tea^, Australian rock salt (only for activating) 

^ = Organic


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