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Mamaji's Mango Exotic 375g

Medium spiced sauce with a little sweetness around the subtle infusion of mango and fennel, and packed with fresh vegetables. Powered by Mamaji's Masala  Handmade in Melbourne. Gluten Free with no Artificial Colours, Artificial Preservatives, no MSG, and no onions or garlic. FODMAP Certified

INGREDIENTS: Water, Tomatoes (24%), Cabbage (11%), Mango Pulp (10%), Fennel (5%), Carrots (2%), Ginger, Sunflower Oil, Almond Meal, Salt, Coriander, Chilli, Basil, Cardamom, Cloves, Citric Acid, Cinnamon, Tumeric, Mamaji's Masala. Contains almond meal and may contain traces of seeds.

Serving size: A 90g serve size is low FODMAP. FODMAP Friendly certified, 4 serves per jar.

Garlic & Onion Free



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