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Loco Love Holy Cacao Drinking Chocolate 150g

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Medicinal Mushroom Blend

An elevating blend of Loco Love's own chocolate shavings and rich, organic peruvian cacao powder. Spiked with medicinal mushrooms - Reishi, Chaga Lion's Mane, Maitake and Cordyceps. 

Ingredients: All Organic - 25% Active mushrooms
Raw Peruvian cacao powder, Loco Love chocolate shavings (cacao paste, cacao butter, coconut sugar), Reishi mushroom (fruiting body) Beta-D-glucans: 35%, Cordyceps mushroom (fruiting body) Beta-D-glucans: 25%, Chaga mushroom (sclerotium) Beta-D-glucans: 8%, Lion's mane (fruiting bodies) Beta-D-glucans: 25%, Maitake Mushroom (fruiting bodies) Beta-D-glucans: 35%, organic stevia powder.