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Lewis and Son Sausage Aussie Snag 500g

"This is a perishable product and available in store only"

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The average Aussie snag has become a cheap and nasty product over the years by manufacturers using inferior quality scraps of meat loaded up with un-natural additives.  That's why we're now offering a 'sensitive new age' Aussie snag.  A similar taste to the Aussies you've come to know and love without artificial flavours.  Made from premium quality grass fed beef that had a good life roaming free in lush paddocks with no hormone growth promotants.  They are gluten free and have no preservatives, fillers, phosphates, colours, MSG, or other cheap and nasty things.  They contain no onion and no garlic and are the first range of sausages in the world to be certified FODMAP Friendly


Ingredients: Beef (min 92%), water, potato starch, spices (paprika & white pepper) and herbs (oregano), naturally evaporated sea salt, hydrolysed vegetable protein, edible beef collagen casing.